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Published on 16 May 2023 at 00:32

Fashion and film have always been closely connected. With fashion designers and businesses taking huge inspiration from what we see on our screens. The relationships between fashion and film have contributed to some of the most iconic scenes and outfits, making history. 

Fashion and Culture

The interaction between fashion and culture is well presented in the film industry. Clothing and what people choose to wear reveals a lot about a persons personality. Showing people from diverse backgrounds in on-screen roles appropriately and accurately involves their clothes, physical appearance, lifestyles, and skills etc. People’s clothing choices and accessorising convey a lot about their personality and the culture they live in. Additionally, film and television have inspired and urged fashion designers to create fashion, accessories and cosmetics perfect for a more diverse audience to provide for everyone. 


Personality style - a trend that acknowledges the relationship between fashion and culture (created by film and TV).

The Devil wears Prada Trailer 

Rachel Green from 'Friends' in her iconic green dress

Rachel Green in her iconic green dress👗 

Film influences fashion trends

Many film and TV series are based on trending and up coming events to seem relatable to their target audience. A large proportion of cast members will be dressed to wear the latest fashion trends and the newest styles. What we see on our screens can sometimes effect or change how we dress in real life. We always like to incorporate new trends into our fashion style as we learn of them because through film as we can be easily influenced. 

Above is the trailer to one of the most iconic fashion films that ever hit the screens. Showcasing a real glimpse of Anna Wintour's real life. It begins with Andy (Anne Hathaway) as a sartorial sceptic. Until she is introduced to the fictional magazine Runway's wardrobe. Watching her outfit development is euphoric and full of inspiration. 

Street and office style trend 

Film and costumes

Part of film is having a costumer set and designers, with actors and actresses being dressed in particular ways to develop their character and give them a sense of individuality, making them memorable because of their fashion sense. Bespoke clothing manufactures are used frequently in the clothing sector of film and TV and are rapidly expanding interest from their customers. It is very common for supporters to dress up as their favourite characters, for events such as; comic con, halloween and costume parties. Modern fashion inspired by comic book heroes is a thriving trend, with designers from all over the world participating. This market will always continue to infuse the drama, edge, and uniqueness of superhero costumes into casual and formal clothing.

Film restores vintage clothing

Film and TV can serve as inspiration for new ensemble pieces worn, while reproducing current fashion trends and bringing back old ones. Attire in films shows that a set is in a particular era, as a result, viewers can learn about social, cultural and economic factors and the connections between fashion and that time era. A lot of films from the past are still some of the most popular films nowadays which makes the fashion still relevant and trendy. Capturing these staple vintage pieces on our screens has definitely encourages more people to start wearing more vintage clothing from certain eras and looking into second hand clothing to get that vintage effect. 

Fashion in the future

Fashion designers are motivated by what we intend to wear and how we dress in films and TV. In addition, celebrity fashion and clothing encourage designers to create new collections for the following years. Future trends, historical trends, and current events all have an impact on fashion.


The year 2000s is one of most influential fashion eras of all time and has been worn ever since! Thanks to vintage resale apps such as Depop and Vinted we are still able to purchase rare Y2K second hand items for a lower price to carry on this legendary fashion era. Yay!


TV shows and movies, as well as other forms of media, have a significant impact on fashion. Therefore, both the fashion industry and our lives were significantly influenced by films. 🍿 

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