Demographics and Psychographics in Fashion

Published on 17 May 2023 at 23:30

What is a demographic?

A demographic is statistical data collected about the characteristics of a population, for example, age, gender, ethnicity and income etc. It is usually used to research a product or service and how well it is selling, who likes it and/or in what areas it is most popular. Data can be collected through methods such as sample surveys and questionnaires. 


In terms of fashion, by using demographics, businesses can understand better why consumers make certain choices. It can enable them to forecast garments or products in the future and how certain customers might engage with them. 


Businesses also use demographics to be able to group consumers based on variables such as age, gender etc. This can help them market products differently based on consumer groups they are targeting. They can also use demographics to further grow their business, it can help avoid making mistakes. Another reason is so businesses can customise products to specific consumers. Demographics can be used to fin out exactly what consumers are looking for and can help change existing things to a desired outcome. 

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Here's an example of demographics in relation to me!

What is a psychographic?

Psychographics refer to information about a populations attitudes, aspirations and psychological aspects. Psychographic profiling is a collection of consumer values and behaviours that tell you who would be most appealed to your businesses offerings. Consumers often make choices on their psychographic dimensions, for example, preferences, values and mood. Understanding your target audiences psychographics can help improve methods and marketing styles to create an emotionally compelling brand. 

Lifestyle psychographics - Explain how consumers view themselves in society, this can be influenced by relationships, occupation and certain life choices.

Social class psychographics - Consumers can classify themselves into a social class they think best fits them ( lower class, working class, middle class, upper class) and make buying habits based on this.

Personal habits psychographics - Habits are what a person gets used to over time which becomes part of a routine. Marketers may consider these quite heavily when creating. 

Behavioural psychographics - Behaviours are exhibited in a consumers buying habits, product usage and frequency.

Interests psychographics - Can influence the way consumers interact with the brand. Interests vary from each person and can change over time. However, if they are of a brands similar target audience they will most likely share common interests which can benefit when marketing to consumers.

Here's a brief example of psychographics in relation to me!

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