Reflective Summary - BA1a - FCP

Published on 25 November 2022 at 12:27

Beginning this unit, I was quite apprehensive and nervous, however over the course of these 8 weeks I am able to say that I have progressed so much already in my studies. Having never studies a fashion related course before this it took a lot of adjusting to new software's, equipment and ways of learning which a lot of the time was something new I was trying for the first time. 

Using InDesign has been a journey! If I'm being honest, I started off hating InDesign and decided early on that I would not complete my Trend Report on that software, but since then my mindset has changed having given more time and energy into it, I can now say at the end of my unit I have proudly completed an 11-page digital Portfolio on InDesign with the guidance I most definitely needed. I hope that throughout this year I will be able to say how easy this software is if you put your mind to it!

Furthermore, in image and message as well as creating a Digital Portfolio we had to also track our process through a 'Digital Sketchbook' which I felt quite comfortable in doing having completed sketchbooks in my A Level studies. In terms of the Portfolio, I really enjoyed this part of the unit as it gave me more independence than I was used to. Creating my own editorial had its ups and downs but I loved the experience of styling, directing and shooting the images allowing me to gain skills in camera usage and lighting equipment, which I hadn't properly used before and certainly never completed a photoshoot in a studio, but as a result produced some successful images included in my Portfolio which I was able in my post-production to make into my own style and aesthetics. I pleasantly surprised myself I how much I enjoyed being behind and in front of the cameras. My favourite images are definitely the Dazed mini editorial images, I believe these showed my best ability in editing using photoshop, something new I also had to adjust to. I am happy with my level of ability to use photoshop this early on and as the year progresses, I would love to see how much more I can develop it.

Secondly, we had to complete a 1000-word Trend Report, which I am very proud of the outcome. I picked a trend I could relate to (upcycled statements) something I was really drawn to and could put my focus on as its everywhere. I successfully managed to explain well the history and future of my trend but think I could have pushed further the colour considerations section and gone into more depth as it can be so vast. Also, I think using my own imagery added something more unique to my report to show my own understanding of the trend and how I viewed it, however I could have possibly added some more in there. 

Lastly, we had the 5 Fashion Blogs to complete as well, unlike some of my peers I really enjoyed this section as I found it fun and really let my creativity run with this part. I am happy with my designs for each one and included lots of interactive segments which I felt was vital for a blog as it's a lot more informal. I used the website Wedador, which was really simple to use which gave me some confidence in what I was doing. The blog I most struggled with was the Fashion and music one as finding a significant link was quite hard but once I had researched more, I came across Hip Hop and its influences which was very entertaining learning about and listening to new music whilst creating this blog. To improve these, I think I may have needed to complete my writing in a more casual way as if it was a personal blog which is something I hope to progress as I go further into the year. 

Reflectively, I am very proud of my work I have completed having not had the strong background in this subject others had, and I have developed even more creative skills through new experiences I never expected. To improve, I think I would work on my time management more as towards the end of the unit I still had quite a lot to complete, rather than stressing and delaying my work, I need to come to realise making mistakes and changes can be a positive thing and are possible with a suitable amount of time managed properly. Overall, I am pleasantly surprised with how much I have enjoyed so far and definitely feel I have made the right decision in picking this course. 

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