Reflective Summary BA1b

Published on 18 May 2023 at 15:03

Throughout the rest of year 1, I have continued to maintain my skills I learnt from the beginning of the year and feel as though I have improved. 

Marketing Report:

Working towards the marketing report I found this quite straight forward, I enjoyed the researching process and understanding what it takes to market this brand. Previously when researching on sustainability I gave a rather general overview, so this time I decided to narrow down some of that research into a sub-genre all about Acne Studio's raw preferred materials and their innovation for a more sustainable shoe collection in FW23. This allowed me to specialise more and convey more precise findings to my reader. I also think I managed to successfully keep the presentation of my report quite consistent using the same one chosen font throughout and keeping the same brand logo colour throughout as well, highlighting their consistent brand identity. However,  to improve I could have included some more primary images and research to showcase this brand on the streets and in real life, not just on the runways. 

Fashion Publications:

Secondly, the whole process of creating an entire fashion magazine and documenting each steps taken was definitely one of my preferred modules this year. I have always been really intrigued in potentially working within the publications aspect of the fashion industry so was excited to take on this opportunity. The main factor of this topic was to be able to work together in a group environment, potentially working with people I didn't know as well to collaborate ideas to finalise one magazine sampler. At first, I was quite nervous about working in a group, but having said this I believe we worked well together, working efficiently and generally unknown to us before, had very similar ideas and aesthetics for the magazine. We successfully completed our magazine sampler, media pack, presentation slides and pitch all within a reasonable time and early so we was prepared for our deadline. By doing this we all worked on a few specific parts of the content each over easter so that we could easily regroup and put all our work together and collaboratively working on layouts. We also took a very similar approach for the media pack and pitch. Creating a process sketchbook alongside the fashion publications topic I enjoyed because this was something I've always been used to and feel comfortable doing, within the sketchbook I made sure I included more critical thinking in my pre-production for photoshoots and made sure I kept track of everything I had done in the process and my research.

Fashion typography and design:

In addition, alongside the marketing report I needed to complete still life product imagery, look book imagery and campaign imagery all relating  to my chosen brand for the marketing report.These were all to be included in a final portfolio to display all of my imagery from the marketing report and fashion publications. In terms of styling for the look book and campaign shoots I photographed, I believe they all can resemble with Acne Studios (imagery focused on the SS23 collection), being able to incorporate a soft glam, romantic atmosphere by styling lace, ribbons, bows, white wedding inspired dress, whilst also trying to keep my look book images trendy by including aspects of a new trend going around which is dresses over jeans. Whilst I love all the still life product, look book and campaign imagery separately, I do think it lacks some consistency and can give off separate vibes. My favourite images would have to be the campaign images. Two improve my least favourites which are the still life images I would keep it more minimalistic with a plain background rather than a holographic one I used.

Fashion industry awareness blogs:

For the blogs, I tried to write about different aspect of the fashion industry to accommodate for a wider audience of readers. I'm happy with each designs and made sure to keep on including various interactions such as; videos, links, images, product links to purchase items etc. This allowed to keep the blogs more informal whilst containing interesting information. 

Reflectively, I am happy with the work I have produced, but still at a stage where I could definitely learn a lot more on how to properly use certain softwares such as; indesign and photoshop. 

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