"Fashion Reimagined" The story behind Mother of Pearl

Published on 18 May 2023 at 14:45

Recently I watched a documentary called "Fashion Reimagined" in the cinema which follows a journey about creative director Amy Powney of the luxury fashion brand Mother of pearl. Her aim was to create  and present a fully sustainable collection called "No Frills" launching in 2018 and sustainable from field to finished garment to transform her entire business. This really inspired me and opened up my knowledge to the extremes of what it really takes to make a brand fully sustainable and make an impact. 

About Amy Powney:

Amy is a UK fashion house designer, creative director and activist from London. From a young age she grew up on a farm, off grid in rural Lancashire with her family. Her family life and lack of materialism would later become the ground works for her understanding of what we take and give from the world around us. In 2002 Amy went a studied at Kingston University and after completing her degree she went a joined Mother of Pearl in 2006 as an assistant, from there she worked her way up to studio manager and eventually taking over as creative director and owner. In 2017 Amy won the BFC / Vogue Designer Fashion Fund which enabled her to start up her launch of "No Frills". A core collection made from organic materials with a transparent supply chain. Amy's collections have been shown at London Fashion Week and Copenhagen Fashion Week and have been stocked in global retailers such as; Net-a-Porter, Harrods and Goop. 

Image - Amy Powney - Creative director of Mother of Pearl


Watch this video to get a better insight! Mother of Pearl: Introducing No Frills (Source - Youtube)


The Process: A transparent supply chain 

Since the beginning in 2018, Mother of Pearl have delved into unknown territories of understanding the full supply chain in fashion. 

Here are just a few of the fabulous pieces Mother of Pearl have created in their 'No Frills' core collection.


Not only researching and buying fabrics they meet the very people who make up that chain and want to develop their understanding even further. Their story began with the idea of creating garments with the least carbon footprint possible, minimal chemicals, social responsibility and respect for animals, focusing on natural fibres. Beginning with geography, they wanted to understand which countries had all or most of the supply chain in a geographically refine area. After a year of researching they travelled to see the production of wool and cotton and alpaca, this theme took them to Uruguay, Peru, Turkey, Portugal and Austria to this date. With the aim for the 'No Frills' collection to have travelled between 1 to maximum of 4 countries from field to final. One of their most amazing discoveries was that the price points of the garments is lower due to the reduced stages of the process.

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